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2007- The Michigan Merit Exam replaced the MEAP test.

2001- No Child Left Behind Act was passed by the federal government. In an effort to improve public schools and increase accountability.

1999- Michigan charter schools met their cap of university authorized schools at 150 state-wide.

1994- Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers began working to advance the growth and accountability of Michigan's charter schools.

Proposal A was passed in Michigan fundamentally altering the way Michigan schools were funded in the past.

1993- Governor John Engler signed into law the allowance for charter schools in Michigan

1992- The Michigan Prospect was founded as a non-profit public policy institute, to focus attention on state public policy issues.

1989- the Michigan-Business Roundtable was founded, by the companies: Dow, GM, Kellogg, Upjohn and Whirlpool, led by Kmart. The purpose was to advocate for educational change and improvement.

1969- The MEAP test were first given to students, was started by the State Board of Education and Governor William Millken

1965- The Education Commission of the States (ECS) was created to improve public education by facilitating the exchange of information, ideas and experiences among state policymakers and education leaders

1937- The Michigan School Board Officials began as a non-profit corporation to help serve the needs in education.

1926- The Michigan State Teachers Association became the Michigan Education Association.

1852- The Michigan State Teachers Association began.


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