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Monday, Michigan lawmakers will continue discussing ways to balance the state's budget and prevent another government shutdown.
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Foreclosure Prevention PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rebecca Mayer   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 14:49

The economic recession has dealt homeowners with a devastating blow. As unemployment rates continue to remain the highest that they have in years, thousands of homes are being repossessed by lenders. Michigan residents have undoubtedly encountered the most troubling economic situation out of all of the states. With the highest unemployment rate, foreclosures on homes are an all too common sight throughout the state. New measures are being taken in order to allow both first time homebuyers and current homeowners to have more control over their real estate financial situation.

Housing Discrimination in Michigan Labor Housing Camps PDF Print E-mail
Written by P. Pamela Davies   
Thursday, 22 April 2010 14:51

Housing discrimination occurs not only in conventional home sales and rentals, but also in farm labor housing camps- dwellings that are subsidized by Michigan agricultural employers. Low wages and rural farm locations force employers to provide housing for its workers, according to Michigan Department of Civil Rights (9). As with any business, farming depends on efficiency for increased revenues. The problem, however, is that equity is compromised- since their is an inverse relationship between the preferred quantity of workers and the amount of housing. Consequently, housing discrimination based on familial status, sex, race, and national origin is practiced to achieve efficiency, because many employers prefer to have more workers without having to supply more housing.

Midwest Urban Policy: An Economic Comparison PDF Print E-mail
Written by Corey Brown   
Thursday, 22 April 2010 04:15

Over the past years the U.S. economy has taken a downturn in the world market as well as a focus in the media. Some of the places hit hardest by this economic trend are the nations cities. These cities make up 86% of employment as well as 90% of economic output.1 A prime example of this is right here in Michigan, in Detroit. As cities all over America search for answers, the states are making important policy decisions. Of the top 25 cities affected by the trend in unemployment, 7 were in Michigan. This research was done to compare how different state policies are affecting the economies of their cities, and hopefully try to find possible solutions.

Poverty and Urban Issues in Michigan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rebecca Mayer   
Friday, 05 February 2010 04:09


Living in poverty is an unfortunate reality to millions of people living in America. With the country in a recession, many have the fear of having their house foreclosed and losing everything. One of the states that have been hit the hardest is Michigan, which currently has the highest unemployment rate in the country. In response to economic troubles, the Michigan Commission on Community Action and Economic Opportunity has released the report "Alleviating Poverty in Michigan" to address these current issues. This report takes into account the opinions of people living in Michigan, and offers strategies that focus on making government aid more accessible and effective.
The Bureau of Transportation Planning PDF Print E-mail
Written by Corey Brown   
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 21:26

The Bureau of Transportation Planning (BTP) is one of six bureaus within the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).  The role of the BTP is to create and carry-out a process in which the trasportation system be changed according to programs and recommendations based on social, economic, and enviromental goals, such as safer bus routes, reducing the costs of transportation, using more enviormentally friendly transportation, etc.

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